What type of dental care are you in need of? Most of our patients fall into multiple categories, so no need to worry! We are capable of nearly everything your heart (or your teeth) desire!


Enjoy the smile you’ve always wanted with cosmetic treatments at Kemmet Dental Design. Straighten or whiten your teeth, fix cracks or gaps, and boost your confidence. With a customized treatment plan just for you, your perfect smile is within reach. Ask the Kemmet Dental Design team about cosmetic treatments today. Learn More>>


Rejuvenate your smile with restorative treatments from the Kemmet Dental Design team! Whether the result of injury, decay, or simply wear and tear, your smile may not be as vibrant as in the past. Renew your smile to its former health with a comprehensive list of restorative procedures from Dr. Kemmet. Improve your form and function as well as your appearance. Ask about restorative dentistry today! Learn More>>

Childrens’ Dentistry

Did you know that we love to see children at Kemmet Dental Design? We do! From the time that teeth erupt, many forces are acting upon them typically causing decay and disease. In addition, as dentists, we now know that proper habits including proper breathing through your nose are fundamental to learning as a child. Learn More>>

General Dentistry

emmet Dental Design is your full service, general dental office. We offer a whole range of treatment for you and your family, keeping you as comfortable as possible in the process. Customer Service is key to our ongoing success and central to our mission of serving the community of Minot. Let us help you care for your teeth through all the phases of your life. Learn More>>


Why do we focus so much on technology? Because its what we would want if we were sitting in a dental chair. Our technologies are essential to us bringing you faster service with same-day crowns, more accurate implant placements with guided implantology over free-handed implant placement, quicker and less anesthestic procedures with a CO2 laser formulated specifically for tooth and gums, and more accurate diagnosis with 3D Cone beam radiographs. Learn More>>

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