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Jerzie Kuglin

Jerzie Kuglin

Hi! My name is Jerzie & I am the Lab Technician at Kemmet Dental Design! I was born and raised right here in Minot. My future plans look a lot different now than what I had originally planned after graduating high school. I planned to attend college until I was at KDD for my regular hygiene appointment when Dr. Kemmet asked what I had planned for the future… I told him I was thinking about photography/graphic design to which he replied with a lengthy pitch of the amazing technology and laboratory fabrication in dentistry, which piqued my interest. He talked me into job shadowing and I obviously enjoyed it because I’ve been here ever since!


When I’m not nerding out about the latest dental technology I enjoy photography, graphic design, video games and dirt track racing (more specifically Sprint Cars). I also have a cat named Lynk who drives me crazy and loves to go outside. 

We would love to help you with your dental needs at KDD! And who knows, you may even see me around if I’m not in my lab designing some cool dental stuff with the 3D printers (or running around trying to find something Dr. Kemmet has lost, or as he calls it “temporarily misplaced” haha)!

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