A root canal is a treatment to repair and save a badly damaged or infected tooth, instead of simply removing it. The procedure involves removing the affected area of the tooth or the pulp. The area is then cleaned, disinfected and finally sealed with a filling to prevent further damage. The most common reasons for the pulp to be damaged is a cracked tooth, or the development of a very deep cavity, as well as repeated dental treatment to the tooth, or trauma.

Before you get a root canal, you’ll need to visit your dentist first to have your teeth checked. They’re the ones who will refer you to an endodontist for a root canal. Though, there are dentists who’ve received the necessary training to perform a root canal treatment. Below is a list of steps of what usually happens during a routine visit:

X-ray. After a thorough check-up of your teeth, the dentist will take a few X-rays to double check if you really need a root canal and to see where the decay is located.

Anesthesia. Once you’re found to need a root canal, the endodontist or dentist will then administer local anesthesia to the affected tooth.

Pulpectomy. The dentist or endodontist then makes an opening to remove the diseased tooth pulp.

Fillings. Once the diseased pulp has been removed, the dentist then fills it with a gutta-percha material and finishes it off by sealing it with cement to prevent further bacterial growth.

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