CEREC, or the technology that allows Dr. Kemmet to complete same-day crowns, inlays, and onlays, is really our calling card. 99% of the restorations that are completed at Kemmet Dental Design are completed in one visit. In fact, that is where the name Kemmet Dental DESIGN started! Dr. Kemmet and our staff will design your customized crown or restoration right there, with you. We always welcome critique and Dr. Kemmet has even let a patient or two have their hand at designing their own crown.

Dr. Kemmet is a CEREC trainer for ND and northern MN, and is proud to say that his training of other dentists in Scottsdale, AZ at the Spear Education Center gained him much more than the opportunity to hob-knob with some of the best dentists in America, but it is also where he met his wife, Keisha, who is also a CEREC trainer. Dr. Kemmet has been utilizing CEREC technology since 2010, and was even a beta-tester of new software.

One of the biggest benefits to same day restorations may not actually be saving yourself an extra trip to the dentist to seat your crown in 2 weeks. It may not even be the fact that you can get out of pain today and start healing today with a permanent restoration. The biggest benefit of same day restorations may actually be that Dr. Kemmet is able to keep more of your enamel intact on your tooth. Previous to same-day technology, we had to prepare a tooth so that a temporary restoration will actually stay in place for 2 or more weeks while your crown is being fabricated. To accomplish this, we needed to have long vertical walls that would keep the temporary from being displaced. Now, with the advent of incredibly strong dental bonding, we do not need to remove that enamel to the gum line or below. We can bond a crown on a tooth “high and dry” and know that your tooth is still just as strong as it was before we started, or maybe more.


I was greeted at the desk by my name even though it was my first time there. Super friendly people, they made me feel like part of the family. -Corinne W.

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