CBCT 3D Imaging



CBCT 3D Imaging

Since opening in 2012, Kemmet Dental Design has been dedicated to bringing you the best technology available. Instead of 2D panoramic radiolography, we utilize a technology called Cone Beam Computated Tomography, or CBCT for short. With CBCT, Dr. Kemmet can visualize the lower areas of your nose and sinuses, as well as all the structures of your teeth and bony support of your teeth.

It is not uncommon to find issues that are asymptomatic, but are in need of treatment. This is a great service as once they become symptomatic or painful, an easily handled problem in a dental office can quickly become a medical problem requiring medical attention.

It is also our CBCT 3D imaging that allows us to place implants digitally. If you are missing a tooth, ask the Kemmet Dental Design staff if you can see your 3D image to see how well an implant can work for you. Watch as Dr. Kemmet virtually places the correct sized implant in your missing tooth area. The information gathered in this is essential for determining the proper width and length of your implant, and for determining if your bone is healthy enough for receiving an implant.

We also utilize CBCT 3D imaging for determining how difficult a root canal treatment may prove to be before we start. From your 3D scan, Dr. Kemmet will know the number and length of each of the canals, where they may split and where they may come together. This information is essential to any root canals completed at Kemmet Dental Design.

Dr. Kemmet also utilizes your CBCT 3D image in oral surgery, or in tooth removal procedures. Some teeth sit very close to nerves, and some teeth sit very close or inside the sinus. Knowing this information is sometimes the difference between having nerve damage or not or having a tear in the sinus floor. By knowing this information, Dr. Kemmet can approach a difficult extraction with a special technique or procedure.


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