Why do we focus so much on technology?  Because its what we would want if we were sitting in a dental chair.  Our technologies are essential to us bringing you faster service with same-day crowns, more accurate implant placements with guided implantology over free-handed implant placement, quicker and less anesthestic procedures with a CO2 laser formulated specifically for tooth and gums, and more accurate diagnosis with 3D Cone beam radiographs.

Digital Radiographs (X-Rays)

Kemmet Dental Design has been 100% digital since opening in 2012. The positives about digital radiography means slightly less radiation to you, whether in 2D form or 3D. And the ability to always be available, whether you are on vacation in Arizona or 20 years down the road with no loss of quality to compare to your current radiographs.

Cosmetic Imaging

With our digital photography, we are able to help show you what a procedure may look like. Sometimes it means slightly lengthening a tooth or multiple teeth, widening your teeth to show less black space in your smile, or even lightening the color of a tooth in your smile, cosmetic imaging may just help you realize what it would look like if you need to have some treatment completed.

CBCT 3D imaging

Since opening in 2012, Kemmet Dental Design has been dedicated to bringing you the best technology available. Instead of 2D panoramic radiolography, we utilize a technology called Cone Beam Computated Tomography, or CBCT for short. With CBCT, Dr. Kemmet can visualize the lower areas of your nose and sinuses, as well as all the structures of your teeth and bony support of your teeth.

It is not uncommon to find issues that are asymptomatic, but are in need of treatment. This is a great service as once they become symptomatic or painful, an easily handled problem in a dental office can quickly become a medical problem requiring medical attention.

It is also our CBCT 3D imaging that allows us to place implants digitally. If you are missing a tooth, ask the Kemmet Dental Design staff if you can see your 3D image to see how well an implant can work for you. Watch as Dr. Kemmet virtually places the correct sized implant in your missing tooth area. The information gathered in this is essential for determining the proper width and length of your implant, and for determining if your bone is healthy enough for receiving an implant.

We also utilize CBCT 3D imaging for determining how difficult a root canal treatment may prove to be before we start. From your 3D scan, Dr. Kemmet will know the number and length of each of the canals, where they may split and where they may come together. This information is essential to any root canals completed at Kemmet Dental Design.

Dr. Kemmet also utilizes your CBCT 3D image in oral surgery, or in tooth removal procedures. Some teeth sit very close to nerves, and some teeth sit very close or inside the sinus. Knowing this information is sometimes the difference between having nerve damage or not or having a tear in the sinus floor. By knowing this information, Dr. Kemmet can approach a difficult extraction with a special technique or procedure.

Intraoral Cameras

Now you can see what Dr. Kemmet sees everyday! With intraoral cameras utilized by Kemmet Dental Design, we have the ability to show you the problems that your teeth present. Many times a tooth will not hurt or have any signs that it has a problem, but visually, there are severe issues. By taking a picture of that tooth and bringing you into the decision about your own teeth, you can now take control of the care that you receive!

Digital Photography

Your team at Kemmet Dental Design is dedicated to taking care of you. To this end, we feel that one of the best ways to do this is to continually record your progress, whether good or bad. With digital photography, we are able to help you visualize and communicate esthetic issues to Dr. Kemmet that have always bothered you in photos. We are also able to take those photos and manipulate them so that you can help Dr. Kemmet understand what you are looking for in your smile. This is also a chance for you to see what you could look like if you choose. Digital photography at Kemmet Dental Design is an incredible tool to not only help us communicate with you, but for you to communicate with us. We also feel that it makes us better clinicians as we get to evaluate our work at such an extreme magnified scale. There is. No charge for our digital photography sessions, but they are included in your complete examination as well as some periodic examinations, when timing calls for it.

Kemmet is second to None!

“My three experiences with Kemmet included extensive dental work. Two crowns, fillings and cleanings. This crew is fantastic and the technology and this beautiful facility is as good as you will find anywhere in the US. The attitude and flexibility of the staff to meet your needs is what everyone is looking for in today’s world.”


CEREC, or the technology that allows Dr. Kemmet to complete same-day crowns, inlays, and onlays, is really our calling card. 99% of the restorations that are completed at Kemmet Dental Design are completed in one visit. In fact, that is where the name Kemmet Dental DESIGN started! Dr. Kemmet and our staff will design your customized crown or restoration right there, with you. We always welcome critique and Dr. Kemmet has even let a patient or two have their hand at designing their own crown.

Dr. Kemmet is a CEREC trainer for ND and northern MN, and is proud to say that his training of other dentists in Scottsdale, AZ at the Spear Education Center gained him much more than the opportunity to hob-knob with some of the best dentists in America, but it is also where he met his wife, Keisha, who is also a CEREC trainer. Dr. Kemmet has been utilizing CEREC technology since 2010, and was even a beta-tester of new software.

One of the biggest benefits to same day restorations may not actually be saving yourself an extra trip to the dentist to seat your crown in 2 weeks. It may not even be the fact that you can get out of pain today and start healing today with a permanent restoration. The biggest benefit of same day restorations may actually be that Dr. Kemmet is able to keep more of your enamel intact on your tooth. Previous to same-day technology, we had to prepare a tooth so that a temporary restoration will actually stay in place for 2 or more weeks while your crown is being fabricated. To accomplish this, we needed to have long vertical walls that would keep the temporary from being displaced. Now, with the advent of incredibly strong dental bonding, we do not need to remove that enamel to the gum line or below. We can bond a crown on a tooth “high and dry” and know that your tooth is still just as strong as it was before we started, or maybe more.

Solea® CO2 Laser (tooth and gums)

Solea Laser is one of the most exciting technologies new to Kemmet Dental Design. Solea Laser is a 9.3 micron CO2 laser, unique in dentistry. Trying not to get too technical, this laser is an evolution in dental technology.

What can this laser be utilized for? This is one of the most common questions we are asked, and to be honest, almost everything.

  • Cavity removal in both children and adults, mostly anesthetic or needle free
  • Tongue tie removal, infants to adults
  • Sealant preparation
  • Tooth uncovery for quicker eruption
  • Operculectomy (removal of chronic irritated tissue on and behind teeth)
  • Frenectomy release (muscle attached too close to tooth)
  • Vestibuloplasty (allowing a denture to sit more properly with more retention)
  • Gum recontouring for esthetics
  • Recontouring and hemostasis of gum tissue after tooth fractures or deep filling removals
  • Bone removal for tooth lengthening and esthetics
  • Periodontal bone recontouring and tissue healing
  • Oral Surgery for tooth removal
  • Assisting implant placement and implant recovery

While having laser assisted decay removal, patients note that it feels as if we are lightly blowing air and water on the tooth (which we technically are!) But no real pain is noted. In adults, we find that if your teeth are not too sensitive, you will likely benefit from laser treatment. If you have overly sensitive teeth, ones that would not be comfortable blowing cold air and water on, we will likely have to place some local anesthetic. In our experience, children do extremely well with our Solea laser!

Picasso® Diode Laser (gums)

At Kemmet Dental Design, we use an LED Diode laser for many procedures, including hemostasis and proper exposure of a tooth for crown preparation, and even removal of soft tissue lesions and ulceration relief.

Lights and Loupes

Though magnification loupes and dental headlamps may not seem like an advance in technology, if you ask Dr. Kemmet or any of your team at Kemmet Dental Design, you will find that we would have an impossible time going back and working without them. Dr. Kemmet works on a scale of microns, which can be related more closely to the width of a human hair than lines on a ruler. With our CEREC same-day crown technology, Dr. Kemmet is able to visualize your tooth 30-50x larger than it actually is, so precision in your tooth preparation is paramount to ensure an accurate fit.

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