Dental Implants



Dental Implants

Consider a dental implant as your number one option for replacing a missing tooth. At Kemmet Dental Design, we strive hard to save and maintain your natural tooth through onlays, crowns, and root canal treatments, there are always times that arise when a tooth may be lost. A dental implant comes as close as we can to replacing a lost natural tooth.

The implant itself, typically made of titanium, is placed inside the bone in a similar position to the missing tooth. The human body grows bone tighter and tighter around the implant until it is completely solid. At this point, Dr. Kemmet will fabricate a customized porcelain crown as well as a customized abutment, which is the precision attachment to the implant in your body and the crown that you will use to replicate your former tooth.

An implant will then be treated just as you do your natural teeth; brushing, flossing, and waterpik every day.
Though nothing can replace the natural tooth root, when a tooth needs to be replaced, a dental implant can be a great option.


“Enjoyed the special attention to the main problem / Very impressed on the 3D Panoramic!” -Calvin N.

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