Tooth Extractions



Tooth Extractions

At Kemmet Dental Design, our goal is to not remove teeth, but we understand that some teeth are not able to be saved.
Removing a tooth on a broken or decayed tooth is typically a last option after root canals, crowns and tooth lengthening have been discussed and determined to be ineffective.

Tooth removal is necessary for spacing issues, typically wisdom teeth. Many times wisdom teeth do not have enough space to properly develop and they can become locked underneath and inbetween the last tooth in your mouth and the jawbone. This situation is typically not an emergency situation, but it can become uncomfortable with inflammation causing a throbbing pain every few days. Wisdom teeth, like any tooth, can become infected as well. It is always best to visit with your Kemmet Dental Design team member to see if an emergency evaluation is necessary for you.

Only rarely will we recommend other teeth in the mouth to be removed for orthodontics, but there can be times that they are necessary for a respectable result.

Dental Review

“From the phone call to get in (mine was an urgent visit) The staff-receptionist was amazing, next was the dental technician , she also was amazing, to the dentist himself., again Amazing. I am so fortunate to have an amazing dental team !! Thank you all.”  – Judith H. Minot, ND

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