Root Canals



Root Canals

What is a Root Canal Treatment? Think of it as simply a deep filling in the tooth. When bacteria have made their way into the hollow space inside a tooth, they rapidly grow and multiply causing a bacterial sludge to press out into the bone surrounding that tooth. This is called a dental abscess. Our goal is to help eradicate the bacteria from the inside of the tooth, which can be thought of as the home base of the bacteria, to allow the body to properly respond by fighting the battle around the tip of the root in the bone.

There is nothing better than the natural tooth when talking about long term prognosis, so we work tirelessly to attempt to save any tooth possible.

We hear it often, “I hear root canals really hurt!” When in reality, the root canal procedure is usually not the cause of the pain. It is the decay and/or bacteria inside the tooth causing this in the first place. The root canal treatment is the first step in getting back to normal.

Dental Review

“From the phone call to get in (mine was an urgent visit) The staff-receptionist was amazing, next was the dental technician , she also was amazing, to the dentist himself., again Amazing. I am so fortunate to have an amazing dental team !! Thank you all.”  – Judith H. Minot, ND

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