Preventative Care Therapy (General Cleanings)



Preventative Care Therapy (General Cleanings)

These are your “typical” dental cleanings. Why do we clean your teeth every 3-6 months? Because the environment in your mouth is about as bad as it comes. The environment is extremely conducive to growing bacteria and allowing them to thrive for their short lives, deposit their byproducts and die. We know it may sound gross, because it is.

Receiving what we refer to as your Preventative Care Therapy (or PCT) is essential to long term stability for the great many patients. Yes, we have met patients that do not need a general cleaning, but those people are extremely rare!

Dental Review

“From the phone call to get in (mine was an urgent visit) The staff-receptionist was amazing, next was the dental technician , she also was amazing, to the dentist himself., again Amazing. I am so fortunate to have an amazing dental team !! Thank you all.”  – Judith H. Minot, ND

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