Nightguards and Bruxism Guards



Nightguards and Bruxism Guards

When it comes to “bang for your buck”. Nothing outshines a custom nightguard.

“If every patient would wear a nightguard,” Dr. Kemmet has been overheard saying, “I would have only half of the work that I normally would.” Will a nightguard prevent a cavity? No, that’s why we have floss. But it will help prevent those ugly cracks from forming in your teeth from excessive biting pressure, clenching or grinding your teeth.

Over the years, we have seen virgin teeth split in half necessitating extraction, grafting, and implants. We have seen teeth fracture large chunks and cusps off, some above and some below the bone levels necessitating onlays or crowns, and sometimes tooth lengthing procedures. We also see, on a daily basis, the resultant loss of tooth structure of teeth in both front as well as the back of the mouth. Patients then look to us for help in restoring their original look, which is sometimes impossible, even with the efforts of orthodontics gum contouring, and veneers.

What we haven’t mentioned is the second and greatest benefit of a nightguard: Relaxation of your facial muscles. A properly fabricated and adjusted nightguard, your muscles will be relaxed throughout your sleeping cycle, allowing you to wake refreshed. Secondary to relaxation is the lack of pressure placed on the disc between your jaw and your skull. Have you ever had your jaw “pop” when you opened or closed your mouth? This is a sign that the disc keeping your bones apart was forced out of place and was popping either out or more typically, back into place. If this disc is continually stressed by excessive forces, you can have lifelong issues with your jaw that could actually affect posture, headaches, and muscle tension.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend a nightguard for virtually every patient.

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