Fluoride Treatments



Fluoride Treatments

Dr. Kemmet, as a graduate of NDSU with a BA in Chemistry gets excited about things like Fluoride. Fluoride occurs naturally in the ground and in water sources, and has been found to strengthen your tooth structure. The process behind it is actually fairly simple. The Fluoride ion is found in nature with a very high electronegative charge. As you can see from its location on the periodic table (It is WAY over in the corner!). When it comes near a structure such as hydroxyapatite (a fancy name for a molecule of tooth) it kicks off an -OH group that is not hanging on particularly strong. By replacing that -OH group, the charge of the Fluoride ion has the effect of strengthening the bond of this particular hydroxyapatite to the ones adjacent to it.

Its so simple, no wonder it was found by mistake! While it is true that there CAN be too much of a good thing, the amount that we get in nature in our area of the country is much too low to help strengthen your teeth, therefore we need to supplement in the best way possible. Fluoride added to the community water supply has been shown to decrease decay rates in general, but there is only so much it can do as we do not hold water in our mouths for long periods of time, and systemically Fluoride has shown little effect.

In dentistry, we have the best, easiest, and most effective way of strengthening teeth: by delivering a fluoride treatment to your teeth once every 6 months. Research has proven that every 6 months is nearly as good as every 3 months, and better than once per year in preventing decay.

Do you remember when we had to keep fluoride gel in a tray in your mouth for 4 minutes? We do! And those days are long gone at Kemmet Dental Design! Our topical fluoride is applied after your teeth have been throughly cleaned, and is formulated to become tacky when it hits the surface of your tooth. This is essential to the process of it working effectively as it stays not only on your tooth but deposits fluoride ions into your saliva to be distributed throughout your mouth for the remainder of the day.

Dental Review

“From the phone call to get in (mine was an urgent visit) The staff-receptionist was amazing, next was the dental technician , she also was amazing, to the dentist himself., again Amazing. I am so fortunate to have an amazing dental team !! Thank you all.”  – Judith H. Minot, ND

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