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Kemmet Dental Design is your full service, general dental office. We offer a whole range of treatment for you and your family, keeping you as comfortable as possible in the process. Customer Service is key to our ongoing success and central to our mission of serving the community of Minot. Let us help you care for your teeth through all the phases of your life.

Preventative Care Therapy (General Cleanings)

These are your “typical” dental cleanings. Why do we clean your teeth every 3-6 months? Because the environment in your mouth is about as bad as it comes. The environment is extremely conducive to growing bacteria and allowing them to thrive for their short lives, deposit their byproducts and die. We know it may sound gross, because it is.

Receiving what we refer to as your Preventative Care Therapy (or PCT) is essential to long term stability for the great many patients. Yes, we have met patients that do not need a general cleaning, but those people are extremely rare!

Necessary Radiographs

3d mouth xrayAt Kemmet Dental Design, we have multiple types of dental radiography.

Our 2D radiographs are utilized to detect cavities, both large and small, as well as to serve as a secondary look at the apex, or the area around the tip of the root. Typically, we recommend that a patient receive 2D radiographs once per year.

Our primary view of the tooth apex and bone surrounding the root is completed with our 3D radiograph technology. This 3D image easily diagnoses issues around your tooth as well as the lower areas of your nose and sinuses. This radiograph is recommended every 3-4 years, or when the need is shown. It is a technology that has been utilized at Kemmet Dental Design since 2012, and is central to the focus of technology saving teeth by early diagnosis and helping our patients live longer, healthier lives.

Complete Oral Examinations

In a complete oral examination, we gather all of the data we can to give you the most through examination possible. In this appointment, we will be gathering 2D as well as 3D radiographs, a periodontal assessment, intraoral as well as extraoral photography, and a clinical as well as radio graphic examination by Dr. Kemmet. In addition, we make all accommodations to give you a tooth prophylaxis, though we cannot always guarantee this as many people have different needs.

Periodic Oral Examinations

For our active patients, we offer periodic examinations which allow us to do different diagnostic tests on you at different examinations throughout your time with us at Kemmet Dental Design. Once per year, we will focus on a radio graphic examination with 2D radiographs, and 3D radiographs every 3 or so years. On your next visit, we will focus on your clinical periodontal examination, gathering data of how your gum tissues and bone surrounding your teeth are being maintained. At various times, we may also gather phographic examinations, including intraoral and/or extraoral photography to show you and keep a record of your progress. We believe this to be the standard of care for all patients, allowing us to work seamlessly for your benefit of preventative care. Catching an issue before it fully starts is our primary focus.

Initial and Active Periodontal Therapy

When PCT, or a basic general cleaning are not possible due to the conditions already present in your mouth, we must look into a slightly more aggressive form of dental cleaning.

This may sound scary, but truly it is not. The tooth is supported by bone, which in turn supports your gums as well. Over time, and by multiple factors, the bony support can be lost, causing deeper pockets to develop. Pockets of 2mm and less are easily cared for with home maintenance such as toothbrushing. When pockets reach 3mm, we can typically clean them with proper technique of flossing. Other adjuncts such as Waterpik therapy at home can also help your teeth and gums stay healthy.

But what happens when you are looking at 4mm or deeper pockets? Studies show that the amount of plaque and calculus removed from a 4-6mm deep pocket is only 43% with the best techniques. A 7mm or greater pocket will only have 32% of the calculus deposit removed. What we know is that any prevention of a deep pocket is the best way to clean it. We focus on an early approach along with proper education about your disease process so you can make an informed decision.

Fluoride Treatments

Dr. Kemmet, as a graduate of NDSU with a BA in Chemistry gets excited about things like Fluoride. Fluoride occurs naturally in the ground and in water sources, and has been found to strengthen your tooth structure. The process behind it is actually fairly simple. The Fluoride ion is found in nature with a very high electronegative charge. As you can see from its location on the periodic table (It is WAY over in the corner!). When it comes near a structure such as hydroxyapatite (a fancy name for a molecule of tooth) it kicks off an -OH group that is not hanging on particularly strong. By replacing that -OH group, the charge of the Fluoride ion has the effect of strengthening the bond of this particular hydroxyapatite to the ones adjacent to it.

Its so simple, no wonder it was found by mistake! While it is true that there CAN be too much of a good thing, the amount that we get in nature in our area of the country is much too low to help strengthen your teeth, therefore we need to supplement in the best way possible. Fluoride added to the community water supply has been shown to decrease decay rates in general, but there is only so much it can do as we do not hold water in our mouths for long periods of time, and systemically Fluoride has shown little effect.

In dentistry, we have the best, easiest, and most effective way of strengthening teeth: by delivering a fluoride treatment to your teeth once every 6 months. Research has proven that every 6 months is nearly as good as every 3 months, and better than once per year in preventing decay.

Do you remember when we had to keep fluoride gel in a tray in your mouth for 4 minutes? We do! And those days are long gone at Kemmet Dental Design! Our topical fluoride is applied after your teeth have been throughly cleaned, and is formulated to become tacky when it hits the surface of your tooth. This is essential to the process of it working effectively as it stays not only on your tooth but deposits fluoride ions into your saliva to be distributed throughout your mouth for the remainder of the day.

Root Canals

What is a Root Canal Treatment? Think of it as simply a deep filling in the tooth. When bacteria have made their way into the hollow space inside a tooth, they rapidly grow and multiply causing a bacterial sludge to press out into the bone surrounding that tooth. This is called a dental abscess. Our goal is to help eradicate the bacteria from the inside of the tooth, which can be thought of as the home base of the bacteria, to allow the body to properly respond by fighting the battle around the tip of the root in the bone.

There is nothing better than the natural tooth when talking about long term prognosis, so we work tirelessly to attempt to save any tooth possible.

We hear it often, “I hear root canals really hurt!” When in reality, the root canal procedure is usually not the cause of the pain. It is the decay and/or bacteria inside the tooth causing this in the first place. The root canal treatment is the first step in getting back to normal.

Quality Care and Professional

“I have been to many dentists. The entire process at Kemmet dental was easy and professional. I recieved a text reminder. Then when I filled out the paperwork the front desk person was helpful. The dental assistant was polite and made me feel at ease. The state of the art equipment was nice. The fact that the equipment was utilized to the fullest was exceptional. Dr Kemmet was very knowledgable and easy to understand. I didn’t feel like I went to “the dentist” as much as I felt like I went to a comfortable place to find a solution to a problem.”
-Michael M.

Tooth Extractions

At Kemmet Dental Design, our goal is to not remove teeth, but we understand that some teeth are not able to be saved.
Removing a tooth on a broken or decayed tooth is typically a last option after root canals, crowns and tooth lengthening have been discussed and determined to be ineffective.

Tooth removal is necessary for spacing issues, typically wisdom teeth. Many times wisdom teeth do not have enough space to properly develop and they can become locked underneath and inbetween the last tooth in your mouth and the jawbone. This situation is typically not an emergency situation, but it can become uncomfortable with inflammation causing a throbbing pain every few days. Wisdom teeth, like any tooth, can become infected as well. It is always best to visit with your Kemmet Dental Design team member to see if an emergency evaluation is necessary for you.

Only rarely will we recommend other teeth in the mouth to be removed for orthodontics, but there can be times that they are necessary for a respectable result.

Emergency Examinations

At Kemmet Dental Design, our staff is dedicated to the well being of our patient family. We understand that even with the best of care, emergency situations can develop and we work hard to see you for an emergency examination the same day you need it. Though we cannot always guarantee treatment that same day, Dr. Kemmet will determine the best course necessary for your unique situation and will help you handle it appropriately.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you need a filling, why let everyone else know its there? With a tooth-colored filling at Kemmet Dental Design, Dr. Kemmet and Kelsey will help you get back to your life quickly, easily, and beautifully.

Tooth colored fillings are made of a composite resin, or type of plastic, that is specifically utilized in the mouth. These fillings are placed while the material is somewhat soft and pliable, is shaped and formed to perfectly fit your dental situation. A light is utilized to polymerize the material into an extremely hard tooth colored tooth replacement. It is then polished to exactly fit your bite so you may enjoy your next meal pain-free.

The Best Dental Office

“Definitely the best dental office I’ve ever visited. Melinda and the whole staff were so friendly and inviting. I would 100% recommend Kemmet Dental Design.”
-Madison W.

Nightguards and Bruxism Guards

When it comes to “bang for your buck”. Nothing outshines a custom nightguard.

“If every patient would wear a nightguard,” Dr. Kemmet has been overheard saying, “I would have only half of the work that I normally would.” Will a nightguard prevent a cavity? No, that’s why we have floss. But it will help prevent those ugly cracks from forming in your teeth from excessive biting pressure, clenching or grinding your teeth.

Over the years, we have seen virgin teeth split in half necessitating extraction, grafting, and implants. We have seen teeth fracture large chunks and cusps off, some above and some below the bone levels necessitating onlays or crowns, and sometimes tooth lengthing procedures. We also see, on a daily basis, the resultant loss of tooth structure of teeth in both front as well as the back of the mouth. Patients then look to us for help in restoring their original look, which is sometimes impossible, even with the efforts of orthodontics gum contouring, and veneers.

What we haven’t mentioned is the second and greatest benefit of a nightguard: Relaxation of your facial muscles. A properly fabricated and adjusted nightguard, your muscles will be relaxed throughout your sleeping cycle, allowing you to wake refreshed. Secondary to relaxation is the lack of pressure placed on the disc between your jaw and your skull. Have you ever had your jaw “pop” when you opened or closed your mouth? This is a sign that the disc keeping your bones apart was forced out of place and was popping either out or more typically, back into place. If this disc is continually stressed by excessive forces, you can have lifelong issues with your jaw that could actually affect posture, headaches, and muscle tension.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend a nightguard for virtually every patient.

Sleep Appliances

Is Sleep Apnea a phrase that makes you shudder? Have you been told you need a CPAP but are seeking an alternative? We may have the answer for you. Since each situation is unique, there is no way to guarantee that this is the right treatment for you. Ask Dr. Kemmet at your next visit how to be evaluated for a dental sleep appliance.

Sports Mouthguards

Sports, whether contact like football, basketball, hockey, or soccer, or even baseball, volleyball, or softball can be dangerous to your teeth. At Kemmet Dental Design we always recommend a customized laminated sports guard to help protect that thing that promotes your personality: your teeth!

Call Kemmet Dental Design and talk with our team members about your sport and if a mouthguard is right for you.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Included with every periodic and complete examination is an oral cancer visual and tactile screening. Dr. Kemmet works closely with Trinity Cancer Care Center to help you recognize the signs of oral cancer as early as possible. Oral Cancer is one of the fastest progressing cancers in the body, so the ability to check for lesions througholy and often is a benefit of our twice per year examination schedule.

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