Teeth Whitening



Teeth Whitening

With a dentist-directed tooth whitening treatment, you can enjoy the boost in confidence of a bright, white smile. Dr. Kemmet and the Kemmet Dental Design team trust the KöR® Tooth Whitening Deep Bleaching system for fast, dramatic results. After you discuss your goals for a whiter smile with Dr. Kemmet, he can explain the details of your teeth whitening treatment, including what you can expect. Don’t wait! Get the dazzling smile you have always wanted with the KöR® Tooth Whitening Deep Bleach System at Kemmet Dental Design located in Minot ND.

Many times teeth are beautifully shaped, but are the wrong color. Bleaching is the perfect solution to enjoying your smile.

Many times, tooth whitening will be a part of a comprehensive plan to bring your smile back to life. When porcelain veneers, crowns, or resin bonding is planned, Dr. Kemmet may suggest bleaching the natural tooth beforehand to give you the longest lasting bright smile we can provide.

Dental Review

“From the phone call to get in (mine was an urgent visit) The staff-receptionist was amazing, next was the dental technician , she also was amazing, to the dentist himself., again Amazing. I am so fortunate to have an amazing dental team !! Thank you all.”  – Judith H. Minot, ND

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