Tooth Lengthening


Tooth Lengthening

When your teeth are too short and gum contouring is just not enough, sometimes the underlying bone needs to be re shaped to properly support your gum tissues and reveal the proper amount of tooth to show. Dr. Kemmet may discuss lengthening with you.

Reasons for doing this can also stem from deep decay and fillings that are too close to the underlying bone, or to change the location of a front tooth to prepare for esthetic restoration of front teeth instead of orthodontics to push teeth up into the jaw bone. When this procedure is recommended, the results can be fantastic.

5 Star Technology

Kemmet Dental Design hits the “sweet spot” for 21st Century Dental Expertise! Their unique combination of “High Tech” equipment and methods and “Soft Touch” staff patient service is much appreciated. Good Health begins with Good Dental Health and the Kemmet Dental Team truly delivers !!     Bob Weigelt — Bismarck Minot ND

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