Tooth Colored Fillings


Tooth Colored Fillings

Dr. Kemmet lives by the mantra that he wouldn’t put something in a patients mouth that he wouldn’t put in his own mouth. What this means is that over the years, tooth colored fillings have taken a higher precedence over the silver fillings of the past. Though silver is not completely gone at Kemmet Dental Design (sometimes it is the only thing that will work!) it has become secondary to tooth colored fillings and indirect resin inlays and onlays.

Tooth colored fillings replace decayed enamel and dentin to help prevent your tooth from decaying any further. Fillings rely on a bonding process that literally “glues” your filling to your tooth. This can actually act to strengthen your tooth, up to a point. When there is not enough structure to be confident in a long lasting tooth colored filling, then we will need to look into a crown or onlay to support the tooth.

5 Star Technology

Kemmet Dental Design hits the “sweet spot” for 21st Century Dental Expertise! Their unique combination of “High Tech” equipment and methods and “Soft Touch” staff patient service is much appreciated. Good Health begins with Good Dental Health and the Kemmet Dental Team truly delivers !!     Bob Weigelt — Bismarck Minot ND

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