Solea® Laser Tongue Tie Releases


Solea® Laser Tongue Tie Releases

The Solea Laser is no one-trick pony! Not only does it disintegrate tooth decay leaving behind a beautiful strong tooth to bond your new filling to, but it can also help you or your child’s tongue have the travel that God intended it to.

Have you ever told your child to stick out their tongue? Does it barely clear their lower lip? Or does it look like a heart as they push it out of their mouth? You may be seeing the tongues attachment to the floor of the mouth.

This is especially problematic for two reasons: Immediately, breast feeding infants will not be able to properly latch onto their mother’s nipple if the tongue does not have the proper forward travel, causing extreme pain for mother, and poor latch/poor flow for baby. These procedures are relatively simple to accomplish, with only 30-60 seconds of procedure time. Often, immediate changes are noted by both mother and baby.

The second reason for a proper tongue release may not be realized until later, often much later in life. This reason is proper tongue rest-position and swallow. The tongue position resting tightly against the roof of your mouth, in conjunction with the pressure formed by a swallow in a wave from front to back is what determines the proper width of your upper arch. The bottom teeth will then follow the upper teeth as you grow based on how your teeth fit together. Without the pressure of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, crowding and lack of proper bony development will result. We are finding this more and more in sleep apnea patients as they are diagnosed more and more. This is a very common theme.

Let your Kemmet Dental Design team help guide you to the best you possible, starting as early as possible! Please look to book your first visit with Dr. Kemmet within 6 months of your child’s first teeth showing.

5 Star Technology

Kemmet Dental Design hits the “sweet spot” for 21st Century Dental Expertise! Their unique combination of “High Tech” equipment and methods and “Soft Touch” staff patient service is much appreciated. Good Health begins with Good Dental Health and the Kemmet Dental Team truly delivers !!     Bob Weigelt — Bismarck Minot ND

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