MyoBraces are one of the most progressive technologies utilized at Kemmet Dental Design. MyoBraces combines years of research on facial and airway development with solid medical and nutritional principles to help you and your children understand how what we eat and do affect our health and how we look.

In a nutshell, MyoBrace treatment at Kemmet Dental Design aims to help you and your child realize four main goals:

  • Breathing through your nose
  • Proper Tongue Resting Position
  • Proper Tongue Swallowing motion
  • Demonstrating a lack of facial muscle movement when swallowing

It has been proven that through proper awareness and technique, teeth can develop more naturally into position, straighter and with more bony support than when these items are ignored. Ask your team at Kemmet Dental Design what Myobrace can do for you or your child. Earlier is better with this treatment! Ages can range from 2 through 12 and higher. With older children, a combination option of Invisalign orthodontics is typically offered.

My first visit here was a great!

“My first visit here was a great surprise.  This is a first class place with great help.  I really liked the personal attention.  They answered all my questions and set me on a great track for dental health.I would recommend.”  Steven M.

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