When we are kids, the biggest bother we had was brushing our teeth. It always felt like a big hassle, but mom and dad made us do it because we didn’t want to get cavities. I wasn’t really all that sure what a cavity was, but I heard fixing them meant having to go to the dreaded dentist. I was generally pretty good at brushing, so I didn’t think I’d ever get one. Until the day I did…

I was just your typical day in the dentist chair. I was about seven at the time, so I knew the basic drill of the check-up. We walk in, take a few x-rays and wait for the doctor to bring the good news. No cavities. Unfortunately, that isn’t what happened this time. Doc came back into the exam room to tell me and my mom that he saw a hole in my tooth that needed fixing. Wait, what? Oh no! I officially had my first cavity. The streak of perfect check-ups has been broken and I was upset.

I asked him how the cavity got there and he said there are lots of ways it could happen. Cavities are made by plaque bacteria breaking down my tooth’s enamel. He said they dig a hole in my tooth to live. My tooth is their house? But what do they eat? He said they eat all the sugary foods I do. So any sweets or carbs I eat that are leftover in my mouth goes to the bacteria? Doc chuckles at my curiosity and agrees with my young interpretation. I didn’t feel anything making holes in my teeth, but he said that we caught it early enough that I probably didn’t notice any pain. This is why it was so important for me to brush my teeth twice a day. Brushing and flossing takes away all of the leftover food in my mouth so the plaque bacteria couldn’t eat it.

My final question was a pretty simple one: How do we fix it? He says yes and that it will all be fixed by adding a filling. He will remove the damaged part of my tooth, or the bacteria “house”, and fill it back in so it’s as good as new. And it won’t come back? Doc said that it all depends on me. If I continue to be a good brusher and try not to have too many sweets, there is no reason I will get a cavity.

So doc went in and fixed my cavity. And it wasn’t painful at all, which was a relief. I’ve only gotten couple of cavities since. Because just as I did as a child, I prefer to get the good check-ups over the bad ones. I’ve never been scared of going to the dentist, but I also don’t want to start.

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