In the last decade, tooth whitening products have become a household name. So why should you consider your dentist for your brighter smile vs. CVS and Crest Whitestrips?

One of the best benefits we have is the monitoring process we go through for every one of our patients. We have specialized digital cameras that allow us to correctly capture the current color of your teeth and compare it with your new smile. This way, you will know how well the process is going and how far you want to continue with it.

We also fabricate customized trays that are proven to whiten not only the “edge” of your teeth but also up near the gumline which is the hardest place to whiten.

We have customized processes for your specific situation. For most of our patients, we have a “normal” bleaching, but we also have a “deep bleaching” which is a specialized process for those who have extreme staining, mottling, or deep coloration. It means a couple more visits to our office for in-office treatments, as well as a slightly different processes to whiten the teeth. For these, there is obviously an increase in price. In our experience, this is the best, and possibly only way to get these results.

Another reason for whitening at the dentist is for customized followup and risk management. Though very few complications are possible.

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