Let’s face it, we all love a set of white teeth. Unfortunately, much of our diet includes items that stains them into a dingy shade of white. So, what do we do to get back our pearly whites? Turn to Mother Nature

Let’s start with the obvious – fruit. Fruit plays a huge role in our good health, but also help our teeth. The crispiness of the apple is strengthening your gums, while the juiciness produces saliva, clearing out the bacteria that gives us cavities. In fact, all crispy handheld fruit works similarly. The vitamin C in citrus fruit is great, and the citric acid also scours your teeth. One fruit that may surprise you as a whitening agent is the strawberry. The berries with the seeds that always get stuck in your teeth are actually helping them at the same time! Malic acid is the strawberry’s secret ingredient.

Vegetables are obviously good for us but an onion as a dental secret? Yes, this colorless veggie won’t stain your teeth and their natural alliums are good for you, but you’re also much more apt to brush your teeth afterwards. Broccoli is Mother Nature’s most blatant toothbrush. Munching on these little “brushes” will not only supply your body with iron, but will also give a quick scrub. Carrots and celery are also full of vitamins, and the high water content is great for saliva production. And if you think about it, celery is kind of like nature’s floss!

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