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If you’re looking for a way to have your teeth whitened so your smile looks better, look no further than the KoR Deep Bleaching System. Many experts consider the KoR whitening system as the most effective, longest-lasting (and competitively priced) tooth whitening system available today. If that isn’t enough, It’s also the least painful.

Before KoR, whitening your teeth was a one-hour whitening procedure. The KoR whitening system requires patients to wear whitening trays at night while sleeping. The tray contains tooth-whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down the large molecules responsible for the color of your teeth to make them smaller.

What sets the KoR Deep Bleaching System apart is the way the KoR trays are fabricated and the type of hydrogen peroxide gel used. KoR trays are custom-made in a dental laboratory using high-quality materials. This ensures a precise fit with each tray, which helps seal the bleach in the trays properly for maximum effect. The KoR whitening system also uses a water-based gel in its trays and varnish is applied to the teeth before bleaching. The varnish ensures that the open dentin tubules are properly sealed, minimizing sensitivity. Meanwhile, the water-based gel also helps minimize tooth sensitivity by minimizing the dehydrating effects of hydrogen peroxide.

The effects of the KoR whitening system are considered permanent. Although, experts recommend sleeping in the trays once a month to help maintain the brightness of the teeth, especially for those who regularly consume anything that causes stains on the teeth.

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