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Regardless of what caused the damage to your teeth, you’ll likely want to have it treated. Though, conventional treatment options leave plenty to be desired, most notable of all is how long it takes for the treatment to finish.

CEREC technology, however, aims to help solve that problem by making it possible for treatments that usually took weeks and two or more visits to be done in just one sitting.

Using CAD/CAM technology, CEREC allows dentists to quickly design and create crowns, as well as other restorations, and fit them all in less than an hour.

If you’re interested to know more about this technology, here are five facts that you should know CEREC:

  1. Utmost precision

When used by a properly trained dental professional, the technology can help create and design a crown that’s incredibly precise. Just how precise, you may ask? Most experts believe that the accuracy and fit are within one thousand of a millimeter, an accuracy that easily exceeds the previously considered “gold standard” in dental restoration procedures.

  1. Decades of use and service

While the treatment has only become popular in recent years, dentists have actually used the CEREC software for over three decades now.

In fact, the said software has been used to create digital impressions of smiles in years past, helping ease the fear of many that CEREC technology is new and unproven.

  1. Treatments need not to be more expensive

One fear that many have when it comes to CEREC restorations is that the procedures and/or treatment are generally more expensive compared to conventional ones. However, that’s not exactly the case. In fact, many dental practitioners often charge the same for CEREC restorations as they do for others.

This, and the fact that CEREC restorations are completed on the same visit, foregoing the need of having to visit the need more the once, makes CEREC restorations even cheaper and much more convenient.

  1. Better esthetics, with preview!

The same reason why CEREC restorations are more precise is the same reason why the CEREC restorations also generally look better.

CEREC technology allows dentists to copy the exact look of their patient’s natural teeth, from the translucency, to the shade and even the rigging, as well as contouring.

  1. 3D Printing For Teeth

CEREC restorations are often made from medical-grade ceramic, composite or silicate core materials, or in most cases, a combination of all three.

The process starts off with a small, high definition camera capturing the necessary imaging of the prepared teeth in the patient’s mouth. The images are then loaded into the software, where the calculations and designs for the restoration are made. Finally, the information is sent to a milling machine that basically prints out the designed restoration in as few as 5 minutes.

When you think about it, the process works like 3D printing, which is also a highly, touted technological advancement that’s being applied to various industries today.

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