It is not uncommon to find yourself with a case of bad breath. Luckily, it is generally easily remedied. A stick of gum or a mint or two and our breath is back to normal. But if you find it becoming a common occurrence, there may be more to it than just eating too much garlic.

Bacteria. Bacteria is the most common reason for bad breath. When your mouth isn’t moist enough to produce saliva, bacteria will breed inside your mouth. The longer that the bacteria are stagnate, the more chance they have to multiply and give off toxins and stinky odors.

Foods. There are plenty of foods in our diet that can cause our breath to smell. Onion, garlic, and fish can cause bad breath that could linger around for hours after you brush your teeth.

Tonsils. The deep holes in your tonsils, called crypts, are a common cause of halitosis. If your tonsils are too wide and pitted, a cheese-like smelly substance collects in these holes.

Stomach issues. Sometimes gastrointestinal problems such as GERD or an ulcer can cause bad breath when you burp and gas is released. If you are on a low-carb diet, some foods can cause ketosis, a fat-burning state in the body that produces dragon breath.

Bad habits. One of the obvious bad habits we have is with tobacco habits. Any type of smoking (cigarettes, cigars & pipes), and especially chewing tobacco, can leave you with a really, nasty taste and smell in your mouth.

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