When we are kids, the biggest bother we had was brushing our teeth. I wasn’t really all that sure what a cavity was, but I knew it meant having to go to the dreaded dentist. And I was generally pretty good at brushing, so I didn’t think I’d ever get one. Until the day I did…

I was about seven at the time, so I knew what to expect. We take a few x-rays and wait for the doctor to bring the good news – no cavities. Unfortunately, that isn’t what happened this time. I officially had my first cavity. The streak of perfect check-ups has been broken and I was upset.

He said cavities are made by bacteria breaking down my tooth’s enamel to live. My tooth is their house? But what do they eat? He said they eat all the sugary foods I do. So any sweets or carbs I eat that are leftover in my mouth goes to the bacteria? Doc chuckles at my curiosity and agrees with my young interpretation. My final question was a pretty simple one: How do we fix it? He said I’ll need a filling.

So doc went in and fixed my cavity. And it wasn’t painful at all, which was a relief. I’ve only gotten couple of cavities since. Because just as I did as a child, I prefer to get the good check-ups over the bad ones. I’ve never been scared of going to the dentist, but I also don’t want to start.

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