The first weekend in November this year, Keisha and I were privileged to attend the ADA Annual Session in Washington DC.

Not only is it a fantastic opportunity for Continuing Education, but also for advocacy for the profession of dentistry.

Keisha and myself attended the New Dentist Committee hearings and were able to have our voices heard by ADA board trustees, members and presidents. What an opportunity to promote dentistry and the ideas that new dentists such as myself have, allowing the ADA to stay current with the issues that affect dentistry and our patients.

The setting of Washington DC was the perfect backdrop to remind us that our patients are affected daily through legislative issues. This is why we have advocates that discuss issues with our legislators to be sure that their voice is heard over the voice of other large interest groups such as insurance companies.

The landscape of dentistry could change in an instant just as medicine has if we are not vigilant. We will continue to work for the benefit of our patients.

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