A dental implant is an option to replace a tooth without harming the adjacent teeth. Though nothing can truly replace what God has given us, it represents the best of what we can do in dentistry at this time. It is composed of 3 separate pieces:

The implant body:
This is the portion of the implant placed in your bone. You can think of this as replacing the root of your original tooth. It is typically made from Titanium, though recently advances in ceramics are starting to allow manufacturers to make them from other materials. This portion allows you to have stability to replace your missing tooth.

The Crown:
Just like any other crown in your mouth, this is the portion that you will chew on. You can think of this as the white portion of your tooth that we all can see. We fabricate these from a very strong ceramic and customize the size and shape and color to your existing teeth.

The Abutment:
This is the precision attachment between the implant body and the crown. Without it, we would have no way to attach the crown to the implant itself.

A dental implant is a fantastic way to replace a tooth. Though nothing we ever do is considered “permanent” due to the forces we exert on our teeth, a dental implant is the closest we can come to being that long term. Dental implants are more impervious to periodontal disease, and cannot be decayed like your natural teeth.

Let us know if you would like to consider tooth replacement with dental implants.

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